Saturday, October 20, 2012

Museo de las Momias

O.k. I know, I have posted about the fascinating Museo de las Momias in the Mexican city of Guanajuato before. Click here to read that earlier post. But just before I flew to Switzerland and travelled for a while with my friend Markus, we have visited again. 

Pretty spooky place, no age limit by the way, so you can take your kids there for a Sunday afternoon. Or just watch the pictures here and don't let your kids know and spare yourselfs from caring for them at night when they have nightmares. - Maybe know your kids have to come and care for you next night?

No matter whether small...

...or tall...

...there is a little bit of...


"I was not even born, when mama and I passed away"

"Hey why were you guys all burried in socks and I have to stand here all bare feet?


...or maybe not so much in peace?


The place for resupply.

The Museo de las Momias is underneath the cementry where the momias come from.

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