Monday, April 1, 2013

Do you know what a "Oh my God Shower" is?

Here it is, that is my "Oh my God Shower": And that is how that goes. Really, the equipment of the blue truck actually and really does include a shower. Of course this shower is not inside the blue truck, it has an extension hose and I can pull the shower head outside, to my "bathroom". 

And what to hell has that to do with "Oh my God"? Now, o.k., I admit, this is a piece of equipment better suited for free camping, my shower, let's say out there with bear and deer in Alaska than for use on organised camping such as State and National Park. But as you might know, there are a lot of those kind of places that do not offer such services as showers. And I might be a longterm traveller but very early on, I have decided not to be a bum despite of living on the road. So there it is, that is what the shower is for. 

But than again, how do I do that, I am in a State or National Park in the US, where people, I don't know, might be a little more sensitive to a guy having a shower in the outdoors, than in other countries. You know what I mean, this kind of thing where people in US movies in the love secenes wear pijamas, bras if not coats, gloves and caps. So - I adjust to the country I travel in. Easy solution, just shower after sunset and no flash lights permitted.  And no problem. I thought. While this State Park campgrounds are really perfectly set up and almost always offer a great deal of privacey on each camp spot, they do all have that kind of ring road that connects them all. Now - there is the problem. Because the ring road of course perfect to walk that little doggy right after sunset, or give your walker a little go around before heading to bed. Letting Jim alone with his beerdrinking and take a walk with Jane instead.. And than, despite the limited light condition after sunset, despite the pijama wearing for love scene kind of mentality, of course that doggy walker and that walker walker's eyes have dificulties finding their way at night, but exactly those couple of minutes I take a shower, that's what their eye catches and: "OH MY GOD! - OH MY GOD!" And that is what gave my outside shower that distinct name, my "OH MY GOD SHOWER". Apart from Panama on a Gringo-Campground the "Oh my God Shower" never caused any oh my gods anymore outside of the USA but in honor of the ladies that were so focused on their nightly walks, I call my outdoor shower the "Oh My God Shower" now. 

You won't get to see any pictures of the Oh My God Shower in use on the newly updated Photo Gallery Camping, but you will find over 200 pictures of beautiful spots that tell you why I enjoy camping so much. Click here and come camping with me. I am sure you'll enjoy it as much as I do.


Camping at Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador.

Camping in Costa Rica, Peninsula de Nicoya.

Camping at Lago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Places, feelings, moments no Hotel can pamper you with. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA 


  1. Glad to see Big Bend National of our favorite spots back home. Keep up the good work and try not to startle any grannies with your "Oh My God" shower!

  2. Hey Brenton & Shannon, thanks for your comment, I'll keep the grannies safe ;-) Yes, Big Bend is fantastic, beautiful hiking, cool 4wheel-driving, fantastic views, hot springs to relax your bones after the hikes, what a place and remote enough not to have the crouds of the NPs in the West. Just a very beautiful piece of land. How good the US admin made it a National Park for its citizens and foreign guests to enjoy. Very thankful for that.

    All the best and enjoy the homeland. Greetings from Otavalo to the two of you, thomas

  3. HI Thomas,
    I have an "oh, My God" shower as well...but have to admit I've never had to use it. Love the photos...still jealous. Will be in Washington DC (not camping) in May, Yellowstone in June and Montana in July (both camping) and may hop into Canada depending on where my friend has rented a cabin. Will also do local camping during the week here in Coloado. Continue to be safe...enjoy...Janet

  4. Thanks, Janet, very happy you are still "travelling along" with me. Stay safe and happy trails!

  5. Hi Thomas
    Thank you for all the interesting info.
    My latest idea is to use a pop-up shower tent beside the car, and feed the hose through the doorway..
    Not only for privacy, but also for shelter from cold winds.