Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stats # 4: What Got Stolen?

Yes, I know, you think Central America, Mexico, Colombia... all those countries. And you'll be surprised that I still have some of my equipment after I have left the USA for Mexico on September 20, 2011 and have not been in any other country with the blue truck than in Mexico and Centeral and South American Countries. 

Happy Days. Mountainbiking in Alaska. 

And I might surprise you even more when I tell you, that in absolut Dollars over 99% of all the things that got stollen on my trip got stolen in the United States of America. Yes, you want to know what got stolen, here you go:

  • My Mountain Bike, San Francisco USA
  • My Washing Machine (WTF? read bellow for explanation), Popayan, Colombia
  • My 1 gallon fuel can, holding the fuel for the Coleman stove, Popayan, Colombia

Believe it or not but that already concludes the list. 

Read a blog post about the black bike I bought in the USA and got rid of it involuntarily in the same country. I still have the kayak by the way. And HERE you can read about how pissed I was when those bastards in San Francisco made my truck by the weight of a bike lighter.

What is the story about the washing machine? Yes, actually the blue truck used to have a washing machine. Remember the white barrel that has been mounted on the tail ladder of the blue truck. That was my washinig machine. Here is how that worked: In the morning, before travelling either a curvy or a rough road I loaded the barrel with dirty laundry and some water and liquid washing detergent. In the afternoon when setting camp, flush, take out and hang. That's it. It works - Did work I should say. 

I doubt that who ever stole the thing in Colombia has a clou about what it's for. I must also admit, contrary to the mountainbike it was kind of my own fault. I did not find a safe place to camp, it was late and dark, I stayed in a Hotel. As so often the blue truck was too tall for the garage of the hotel. The reception was attended 24 hours and they promised to keep an eye on the truck, parked directly in front of the hotel main entrance. The truck was still there in the morning. The washing machine and the little fuel can for the stove weren't. I should have taken both items off and locked them inside the truck. I didn't - No Risk No Fun. 

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