Friday, June 22, 2012

The Blue Truck goes Snorkling

Crossing Rio Arío on Peninsula Nicoya

Even my new rubber-boots get to its limitations. I must admit: It feels a little strange when the water starts rising over the hood, and the exit of the Rio is still kind of far away. Here I was still a happy camper, seconds later the camera flew on the passenger seat and I grabbed the wheel as the nose took a sudden dive (in the  truest sence of the word) even deeper into the cafe-latte colored Rio Arío. My feet remained dry and the blue truck's engine kept running with just a little squeezing from the fan belt when running on the floated pulleys. 

What for is that black snorkel on the right hand side again?

Check out this LINK for Tipps & Tricks to get your car ready for adventures like that.

I wish I had someone taking a picture from the other side as crossing through 


  1. Nice work my friend! That's how we like to see European Overlanders exploring Costa Rica :D

  2. ...and this time I've closed the ventilation flaps ;-)

  3. You are too crazy ... amazing :-)

  4. Swantje, I take that as a compliment, coming from some other hardcore 4x4 vehicle pilots. I must admit though: More than TOO CRAZY I am TOO LAZY... 'cause I never get out on foot and explore what it might be like, speaking how deep, I just stop, look at it and... yeah? I can do that, off I go. So far it's worked.

  5. I need to get me one of these snorkels... I have the same issue with being to lazy to walk. So far shes survived up to the headlamps, but the airbox was too close for comfort. Impressive fording!