Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fast and Furios!

Supersonic Speed - not bad for an old Toyota!

I was worried about the drivers seat hinge when passing Mach1

And as you can see by the moving, respectively overall average speed, it all lies in acceleration and braking power, how else could I have reached a top speed of 1'437 km/h with an avarage speed of 31 km/h?

The screwed up GPS, also known as "Dashboard Bitch" has by now been reset and the lady got a new software (wouldn't you wish to do that with who ever is occupying your passengers seat sometimes? Just a reset - o.k. let's not get into the software), but that girl, Garmin gave her a name, Jill, - is she blond? - is still not too much into math, she has already calculated a max speed of over 300 km/h again. Never mind, otherwise she's behaving.


  1. I got my Garmin to report 950kph max speed by turning it on and sticking it up against the window while on a flight. You have beaten my record, and alas there are no Concordes left for me to respond to this challenge.

  2. With this speed you will catch us pretty soon again :-)
    See you in South America