Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Free Camping on Nicoya

Many beaches on the road between Samara and Malpais offer several beautiful opportunities to free camp. I stayed at  Playa Coyote for several days, I met very few people and they were all nice and very friendly as all of those beaches are fairly remote and the road, during rainy season requires a high clearance vehicle due to several river crossings you won't be meeting "bad guys". They just will not go through the hassle to get there for the very low chance to find a target there anyways. 

There are many beautiful spots like this one, just find yours. Should you want to have the coordinates of just exactly where I stayed, comment below with your contact information. There are no facilites or formal, organized camping so you will need to bring your own food, beer or other drinks as well as water. I saw spider monkey's, iguanas, parrots and many other birds just sitting on my camping chair on my porche. 

Evening at Playa Coyote

Does your bedroom has a view like this?


  1. Beautiful. I was at Yellowstone for 5 days and saw wolves, grizzlies, buffalo (of course), sandhill cranes, etc. Nothing, tho' compares to your experiences. You've been on the road for how long now? We met just about a year ago in Cheena HS...seems like just yesterday.

  2. It's nice to see you're still going strong, Thomas. We thought you were going to be back in Switzerland by now. Thanks for keeping your posting up to date. Even if some pics are a bit racey.