Monday, November 19, 2012

From South America over the Polar Circle

You are right, by now I should start thinking about telling you about the Equator an not about the Polar Circle, since I am in South America for about a week by now. The reason is Catch-Up. That is what I am doing with many of my pictures as I go along. And finally I have started the Photo-Gallery so many have asked me about: ALASKA. The first few pictures, especially the ones from Dalton Highway, along with Dempster Highway in Canada (find the pictures of that trip in the Yukon Gallery) the only highway that leads over the Polar Circle. And the road that got me to the furthest point North on the continent that can be reached by car. 

Check out the first pictures of Alaska HERE. Many more to follow. If you really get into the picture viewing mode, check out the other galleries as well, many of them have received up-dates with a lot of new photos. 

The long way back South

Dalton Highway, along the Trans-Alaskan-Pipline 
You can't legally drive any further North than that
Passing the Arctic Circle on the way North

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