Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not Pretty - But Functional

...hopfully. Today the blue truck will get a good wash and I will prepare it for the RoRo shipment. While on the campground in San Miguel I have prepared a system to lock the rear, the living and storage area, of my truck away from the drivers cabin. This should spare me from having to re-buy my equipment once I have arrived in Colombia because it would have been gone somewhere in a harbour or on the vessel. 

View from the passengers side

The construction with my sandboards and stuff I had aboard the Toyota does not look very pretty, neither does it match the standards I like for the other mods I have done, but I trust it will be functional and keep the thieves away. And since it is all temporary and for the journey on sea only, who cares what it looks like? Keep your fingers crossed for me that it works and serves its purpose. 

View from the living room

Further more I have manufactured a system to temporarily lock the rear access doors and to block the key hole at those doors, since I have to deliver the key with the truck. 

Tomorrow I will drive to the customs broker and with his assistance I will pass through the export bureaucracies of Mexico and finally after over 2 years of close and reliable companionship, I will leave the blue truck at the harbour in Veracruz, where it will board MV Toronto on November 12, in order to arrive in Cartagena , Colombia by November 17. 

MV Toronto

Keep following this blog for a future post about how to handle all that, the agents I have used, where I booked the voyage for the truck and how I will get to Cartagena myself, since MV Toronto does not accept passengers. 


  1. Nice mods buddy, Looks secure! At the very least a good deterrent. Wishing you positive vibes in the shipping department, see you soon in Peru!

  2. Thank you James, looking forward to seeing the two of you again in Peru! Hope all goes perfect for you. Keep safe. Hasta luego!