Thursday, November 22, 2012

THANKS for GIVING me the blue truck back

Today is the day, after days of formalities and waiting in some hall at the harbor, some seats at the Aduana, some hours at Enlace Caribe, too many nights in a Hotel, I finally drove the blue truck off the harbor of Cartagena, Colombia this afternoon. The coming night it will be sitting in front of the hotel and hopefully be as well as on the ship and in the harbors. Saying that, the blocking of the access and locking-in all my personal belongings has proven worthwile. Everything seems to have been untouched. 

I must admit to have gotten a little nervous, Sonia of Enlace Caribe, just small talking a little to some one at the customs while we were waiting and despit my limitations in Spanish I did get this one: Of the last 5 cars imported via RoRo, 3 were robbed. Of the last 5 RV's that came in 4 were damaged. This little ear dropping of mine took place a couple of days before I first saw my Toyota again. So, needless to say, I was a little nervous and I am very happy that my "don't fuck with me" measures have proven well. Everything is still here, everything stil works.

So Thanksgiving has given me my truck back. THANK YOU!

I also would like to send a big thank you back to Victor Lau of Beristain in Veracruz, where all the paperwork and the packing and locking up took place. And an even bigger one to Luis, Sonia, Gloria and Juan of Enlace Caribe, without their tireless help and assistance I would not have been able to get the blue truck ready and released from customs here at Cartagena harbor. Or it would have taken me many, many days more. 

Stay tuned, contacts to Victor, Luis & Co. as well as the shipping company and how to deal with all that will soon be coming up on this blog in a Travellers Service Site special page. 

Colombia, I am coming.

Happy Thanksgiving! Dear Blog Reader.

"Don't fuck with me" Separation wall locking off the living room from the drivers cabin.

The key remains on the vehicle all the time while RoRo shipping, so I had to find a way to make the rear access doors un-accessible for the journey.

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