Monday, July 29, 2013

100'000 Thank You's!

Thank you!

Thank you for having been one of the over 100'000 clicks on either my english or german blog since I started blogging and travelling in fall 2010. Or one of over 180'000 visitors on the on-line Photo-Galleries. Thank you for hopping aboard the blue truck for a while and cruising along with me in the old Toyota. 

Cruising along in the blue truck

For the coming days you can join me on looking in the rear view mirror for a while on my german blog, come along and see where the blue truck brought us to during the past 34 months. Or come back soon to my english blog, right here to see some statistics in the up-coming posts. Which blog post is the most visited, which one the fastest climbing up the stats on popularity? How many flat tires? How many light bulbs replaced? 


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