Friday, July 5, 2013

The Blue Truck Or The Blue Taxi?

What do you think? Do I need to rename the blue truck? Even more than in other latin american countries the blue truck has become a taxi here in the Andes of Peru. 

Once I have taken a young woman with here huge package hidden in colourful handwoven fabrics on her back. When she asked to get off, she unpacked the package a 25 liter plastic barrel was hidden in there. She told me to get a cup and poured some fresh cow milk in my cup. She said that it was very good and healthy for me. I did take a couple of sips, but must admit I did not like the cow warm drink too much. I waited until she packed her load on her back again and waived me good by from a little side track going to a small group of houses. I took another sip, still did not like it too much. Climbing up on the seat of the Toyota heading South without having finished my cup of milk.

Another time I took an old couple. They squeezed on the seat with many bags and packs on there knees. After we took off I noticed a very strong, goaty smell and thought, holy sh... this woman is smelling strong. Not long and the bag that touched my knee a little bit, since the cockpit of the blue truck was well loaded, started moving, a little head of a baby sheep or Alapaca streched out of the bag. The lady tenderly stroke over the head while the baby animal was making its neck as long as it could to see something out of the windshield. The woman was smilling at me, kind of getting my approval for having her little animal with her. I smiled back. The old couples eyes were focused on the screen of the GPS where they were totally fascinated that the little TV knew us, showing us as a little blue arrow in the landscape. They asked how it worked, but as I mentioned the word satelite it was all over their faces that they had no idea about it. I explained it was an electronic map, that would guide us through the landscape. They were hooked to the little screen for the next hour until they got off. 

Many more interesting encounters with locals in Peru that took a seat on the passangers side in the blue truck. Soon I will be heading to Bolovia. Let's see if I get as many passangers as in Peru.

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