Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moving Mountains

Mining is the booming industry in Peru. Whether low down in the desert or high, high up in the Andes as high as 16'000 feet there are rescources being digged out. 

...and the list is even longer. Up in the Andes the multinational companies do literally move...

...entire mountains.

Most of the ore is being driven down to Lima by trucks from where it is sold and shipped out into the world.

Like no other industry mining is creating jobs at fast pace in Peru, jobs with social security, high risk allowances, health insurance, pension funds, international safety standards, further education and possibilities to advance. Additionall there is a whole support industry booming, from construction machinery to food, power, bus services and maintenance. But... 

...there are also questions about that booming and more than needed job creating industry.

Mother nature is greatly impacted. A peruvian co-owner of a mine in Peru told me that it would not be a problem as the law requires the mining companies to leave the site in the same condition as they found it when they started their mining business. A task that seems to be impossible to me after having seen some of the largest mines of the country. How would you...

...rebuild this mountain?

Another open question is the use of chemicals and its longterm impact on fauna and flora. 

One thing is for sure, mining will change Peru, its economy but also its landscape on the long run. Let's hope more positive then negative. 

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