Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stats # 1: What YOU Like Best

Panama Canal

As promised, after 100'000 hits on my two blogs and approaching 200'000 clicks on my pictures, I thought it might be a good time to share some stats with you. 

Do you know which post on the english blue truck blog has been the most clicked one? It seems as you are equally fascinated by the Canal cutting through Panama as I am: "Panama Canal in Numbers" is by far leading in terms of clicks per post: 1'446 times some one has clicked on his mouse to read about this monumental construction.

ET is back!
Not even close to it but still your Number 2, another blog post from Panama. The reincarnation of ET who left us with the words "I'll be right back" and was never seen again until I spotted him in Panama. 592 clicks.

Just about four months on-line and already on position 3 and onyour favorite list: "Classic Cars on the Panamericana" with 344 clicks.

Classic Cars all over
It seems as cars cause a big interest on this blog. Another thing I share with you - you that are clicking on my posts. "Water Crossings" is visted continously again and has found 170 people being interested in it so far. 

More car stuff on position 5: "The blue truck meets the big truck" has reached 166 mouse clicks by this morning. 

Padre Island, Texas
More on the nature side is number 6: "Padre Island - South Texas" is scraching at one hundred clicks, exactly 99 times the mouse has been moved over that blog post with nothing but a couple of pictures of the beautiful place.

Now, this post is only about a month old and has made it into the top ten within hours since it was on-line: "Beautiful Girls and Tough Trucks". There are things you love more than cars! Or was it the trucks that caused you to click?

Position 8 is more something for the biker type: "Quick Replacement" with 77 clicks.

Surprise, surprise, but more a suprise that this post has not made it further up on the list of the top ten: "Topless Blondes" is only on Position 9.

But, you like it wet & wild: "Do You Know What A OH MY GOD Shower Is?" is on position 10 with 67 clicks.

Topless Blondes!

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