Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hairy Creature

I never thought I would become spiderman. A couple of days ago I was cruising down a gravel road in a canyon in Peru. I almost drove over this beautiful spider on the one lane road. Shortly after that came a turn out. I pulled over, put the hazard lights on and parked the Toyota in the narrow bay at the edge to the canyon. I already saw the 18 wheeler sneaking along the curves about half a kilometer ahead of where I was. I jumped out of the truck, ran back, took a couple of pictures and tried to chase the animal off the road. First it wouldn't move. I was already thinking of picking it up, when a smooth push on it's butt finally made it run. Just enough time for me to get back to the Toyota before the 18 wheeler would have smashed the hairy fellow. 

Good Size

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