Saturday, May 18, 2013

Impressions from riding my bike through Lima

The capital of Peru, Lima has about as many inhabitants as my home country Switzerland or more than 7 times as many as my home City Zurich, Switzerland. While riding my bike through a city with over 8 million people and traffic conditions that are nothing short of being nuts, might not be the safest way to get around, it is for sure one to see a lot and experience the City much closer than riding in a taxi. 

Miraflores from where I set off is different. Beach promenades, café's nice, expensive shopping and fancy hotels.

Classic cars in every side street...

...suffering from the salty, smogy air in Lima.

Ciclovia along the sea shore in Miraflores.

As a pedestrian you have even fewer rights on the streets of Lima than as with your bicicleta. The big signs on the asphalt do not change anything of the "bigger, faster" priorities in traffic.

Some vintage cars are in excellent conditions. Ford Falcon Station Wagon.

In principal the city is built as many US cities, with a system of roads as a grid. Some how they manage to have curves, CURVAS anyways.

In the park in front of the art museum.

Security guards everywhere. Despite its reputations: This must be a very safe city.

More security.

And more police, the handcufs at the belt are referred to as "mi esposas" by the police officers "my wifes".

Trying to get you to the brake overhaul shop, walking advertising.

Peru's flag reflecting in the windows of a bus.

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  1. you got giant brass balls riding a bike in Lima, well done sir!