Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weather Luck and Hard Work

I have been very fortunate during my first 10 days on the roads of Peru in the northern Andes. Up to about 3 weeks ago this area of the country had been rained at very, very heavily. Locals told me they have had two months of nonstop day and night heavy rain. While I was cruising through the amazing roads, I could see the results of the rainy season at many places.

Heavy machinery almost everywhere, either being moved or moving rocks or dirt themselves.

Falling rocks is taken seriously in Peru. Ironically the sign pointing at the rock that landed on the street is saying: Cementery. Don't know if that rock really has become a tombstone for any unfortunate driver.

Often there are long waits so that machinery can be hauled to the site or simply to wait until rock or mud slides have been cleared...

...enough for traffic to pass through.

When they say falling rocks, that is exactly what they mean. Nothing else.

The originally constructed roads in the Andes are already impressive all by itself, but when they "glue" temporary roads into the mountains it is becoming even more exciting. 

But beautiful almost always.

At the end of labour day, a thank you to all those workers that keep those amazing roads in the peruvian Andes passable for traffic, even after two months of heavy rains. THANK YOU!

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