Friday, November 7, 2014

A Shitty Subject!

Hey Folks, coming soon for those that are working on a dream!

Working on a dream here? - Now Thomas has gone totally nuts, you might think, and you do almost rightfully think so. Almost!

But hang on: A) Some of the world's greatest ideas might have been thought of on that quiet place. And B) in the example above you will not even have to be thinking about that invention all by yourself, this establishment is fully capable to cater to outstanding team work and creating some of the best ideas, while being efficient and using usually usless moments very - yes - useful. So that might be where you think of your dream, preparing your truck to go on the Panamericana.

So here it is, what's coming soon: Does your four wheel drive overland vehicle need a potty? 

Stay tuned and read soon about it, my last post on the GBU's about the water system would not really be complete without what's coming soon on "The GOOD, the BAD, the UGLY of the blue truck": Do you need a potty in your off-road overlander?  -   Good question - No Shit!

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