Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Remember those days?

Do you remember those days, the days before the internet. The days before smartphones, even the days before cell phones. Just yesterday I have been skyping (by the way: a word that did mean nothing to me a couple of years ago) with my brother back home in Switzerland and we discussed the matter. I remember the days I travelled very early 90ties, my first trip to the US, I used to call home once a month, to do so I found myself collecting quarters and nickels for the rest of the month to end up at a public phone with a bag full of coins just to call home to Switzerland for a couple of minutes to say:"Hi I am all well. How are you, all good with you and Dad?"- "O.k., great! Thanks, call you next month. Ciao!" and while speaking with the headset between shoulder and head I've been grabbing one coin after the other out of the little plastic bag to drop it in the slot of the public phone. Times have changed since. I tell you! They have changed a lot, keep reading on. Nowadays...

...when travelling I do not even handle the communications myself anymore. I have an assistante whoe handles my calls and does all my texting for me. 

He is even handling the trip preparation and guidebook reading. I just sit back and have a beer while the next step of my trip comes about.

And should I decide for a change to go back to old fashioned, no worries. That little green guy does it for me too.

And he's writting my postcards just like a pro. To be honest, since he's around I am actually glad I at least get to pick the post cards myself at the shop. 

Happy trails, travelling companions! - Nothing stays as it was. - And even if you have moved up and are travelling with all those fancy bells and whistles of modern communications and those green little dancing and singing guys to assist you in all and every matter, once in while, I tell you, it will do you good to remember those days when you were standing in a phone booth with a bag full of quarters nickels and dimes!

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