Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lesson # 3 in getting adjusted to the Italians: Food!

Are you following the blue truck blog regularly? If so, you know that the Toyota is soon going to ship back home to Europe. Doing so aboard an Italian vessel requires to get some adjustments to the Italians and there way of living - and eating. After 4 years on the Americas I wanna make sure we're prepared. So, after having gotten used to the accent when Italians speak English, which is the official language aboard, we have trained some more on the subject

But now it is time to learn some about what Italians are most famous for: Food! Needless to say, we have high expectations prior to heading to Montevideo boarding the Grimaldi ship. Here you go: "Rosmarino..." - "...I have one mother..." - "...very strange mother..."

Stay tuned the blue truck and its team keep getting adjusted to the big trip over the Atlantic. 

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  1. The rabbit smells like a tyre, well at least it has rosmary on it. Actually looking at it, I am a bit worried that this isnt a rabbit at all - is there a dog missing im the neighbourhood