Sunday, November 16, 2014

Passionate Nature

Sometimes nature can get quit excited  about itself!

And show you all its passion... way...

...or the other.

"Look what I have for you honey!"

"I'll jump down the hill for you!"

Natural signs of passion...

...standing proud out there somewhere.

Having a good laugh is the healthiest thing there is!

No matter how passionate nature might be, there are always those "Oh Shit" Moments.

Keeping your loved ones in a safe place: "Don't mess with my nest!"

Loving couples playing together.

Love is all around!

Hey, this one is for you tree-huggers out there. Hang around long enough and you might get a kiss from that tree in return for your hug.

Wanna see more of it?

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A Kiss and...

...a happy passionate Sunday to you!

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