Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Try that at home!

And let me know it if worked! An ecuadorian family I have met at one of the many "Midad del Mundo" (Mid of the world) monuments had me put that egg, they brought with them specifically for that reason, on its tip. Actually surprising, after about three attempts it worked and it wasn't very difficult either and the little metal piece that marks the exact equator line was not even flat but a little roundish towards the top. Now, the question, I have never tried that back home, far away from the equator, does it work too, or is the family from Ecuador right and that works only here, exactly at  the equator where the gravity between Northern and Southern Hemisphere  is balanced and centered. 

Looking forward to hear from you folks either out of the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, just if you life on the Equator, no need to comment, I know that works. 

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