Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Life doesn't always look better from the top down

Do you remember when I postet this

It made it look like being on top of things make things a lot more pleasant than being down on the bottom.

Today, I can prove, it is not always like that. Even though, I admit, in the picture above I'd prefer the top position over the one on the bottom. Yesterday I hiked a very strenuous hike through the cloud forest, which really did not deserve that name that day, it was nothing short of a rain forest, a very heavy rainforest. I was hoping that by the time I make it to the Mirador (view point) weather would clear some.

Which obviously was not the case. Hours later, my wet pants and jacket and shoes and all hanging in the blue truck to dry, I passed throught the valley way below that view point with my car, looking up to the peak I have hiked.

The peak could not be seen, still hiding in the rainy clouds, but: Here is the proof, often it is a much better view from the bottom up than it is from the top down. 

For more pictures of Ecuador check out the photo gallery here. The picture with the Politicans/Voters was taken in Texas, if you'd like to see more pictures of Texas, click here

Whether you're on the top or on the bottom of things, I wish you a great view!

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