Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ever Heard of Tree-Tomatos?

This really exists. And it is despite its name not a vegi, but one more fruit I had no idea about before I started my trip. Check this out:

Hi, I am a "tomate de arbol" = Tree Tomato

Now here is the problem, that thing is not really tasty just like that. So nothing like "a tree tomato a day keeps the doctor away" 'cause you need to process that bitter-sweet, much more like BITTER-sweet fruit somehow. The typical way here is to through it in the blender add water, ice or milk, suger if you want to, and within minutes you serve a very refreshing drink. 

Now, problem number two: As you might know, there is all kind of stuff travelling through the Americas inside, partially ouside of the blue truck. But, a blender is not part of that equipment. Often I am given fruit as a gift by the nice local folks. So, what to do with my tree-tomatos without a blender.

I am running an experiment right now, and if it is successfull, you might read here soon again how to make your very own fruit juice without being the proud owner of a blender, if not, not successfull I mean, you'll never read anything again about this or tree tomatos on this blog. 

Come back soon and find out whether success or not. 

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