Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fruit Juice without a blender

O.k., here comes the juice story part two. How to make fruit juice on the road without a blender. Or what to do with a bunch of Tree-Tomatos your given as a gift. 

Chop them in small pieces, by the way here mistake No. 1, next time I will peal them. 

Add a little water and cook the whole thing up on small fire. Add water as appropriate and stir occasionally.

When you think the whole thing has gotten liquid enough filter it through a strainer or alike to separate the juice from the remaining fruit bits. Let it cool off.

Fill it in bottles an put it in the fridge, that's where it is right now. 

I did taste a little and must admit, mistake No. 2, I should have added some sugar, it's kind of bitter. In the Land of sugar canes and rum I might just have to add a little of that fruit juice to make it sweet and tasty. 

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